Virtual Payments

VIPR’s Managed Virtual Payment System replaces your identity information and payment accounts, such as credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts with “stand-in” information. Your real payment account information and identity are never revealed, transmitted, or stored at the merchant.

Online Identity & Privacy Protection

VIPR is the only solution that ensures your privacy, protects your identity and prevents credit card fraud when you shop, pay bills and interact online.

Phishing & Spam Protection

Stop spam and phishing attacks by using VIPR’s virtual email accounts. Virtual email accounts provided by our system are scanned for spam, phishing and viruses before being forwarded to your inbox.

Password Management

VIPR’s Password Manager keeps track of your existing registrations and enables you to generate secure random user names, strong passwords, and virtual email addresses for every site that requires a registration.

Who do consumers trust and expect to keep all of their sensitive personal information safe?
Their Financial Institutions!

Consumers Want It – Banks Can Deliver It